Welcome, Randy! Please welcome Randy Patterson to the UUCW Staff as the Campus Specialist. Randy started at the end of December and is doing a great job. The Campus Specialist position is responsible for the cleaning of the entire building, minor maintenance projects, and being a Sexton on some Sundays. Running the sound system is a new task for Randy but he is eager and willing to learn all about it. Randy is a certified Boiler Engineer with the Milwaukee Public School District and is experienced in janitorial and maintenance tasks. Randy lives in Sherman Park with his wife. If you see Randy, please help him feel welcome.

Thank you, Miles! Special thanks to Miles Bognar who stepped down as the Campus Specialist to begin a new job in his trained field of Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Miles is helping to train Randy and then continuing as a Sexton on a once a month basis. Miles has been working as a Sexton since January 2016 and the Campus Specialist since June 2017.