The UUCW Exec Team has asked that committees, work teams and affinity groups be permitted to meet in-person, outdoors, at UUCW while the weather holds this fall.  The guidelines for in-person meetings, including how to reserve an outdoor meeting space are below.

Guidelines for Meeting Outdoors at UUCW

Group/committee leaders may hold in-person meetings of up to 15 people on the church grounds as long as they meet the following conditions:

  1. Group/committee leaders must consult their people about meeting in person.  If ALL agree to meet in-person, outdoors, then YES; if any person says NO, then group remains virtual.  (Please remember that NO includes those who say, “Oh, it’s ok, go ahead and meet without me…”)  Leaders should ask members privately, so no one feels like they are limiting the group.
  2. Three designated outdoor spaces may be reserved.  Group, team or committee leaders (and Board and staff members) must schedule use of an “outdoor meeting space” with Vicki Banville, Church Administrator.
  3. Group members must bring, set up, and take down their own chairs. 
  4. No building/bathroom access. 
  5. The Group should agree on the physical distancing they will observe. (Six feet apart is recommended.)
  6. Group members must wear masks during the meeting.