UUCW shares these powerful, concerned, and caring words that were published this week by the Interfaith Conference:

A Statement on Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobic Attacks
by Pardeep Singh Kaleka, Executive Director of Interfaith Conference Of Greater Milwaukee

As one of the co-founders of the Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition of Wisconsin, the Interfaith Conference will continue addressing the rising tension and hate directed towards vulnerable communities. Many local community faith partners, including Southeast Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist Congregations, share their commitment to this effort.

The Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition of Wisconsin (AAPI) is deeply troubled by the alarming rise in racist and xenophobic acts committed against people of Asian descent in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. We are grateful to all of the partners who have committed to calling out policymakers, the media, and the public to take affirmative steps to halt and condemn racism and xenophobia to ensure that the health and safety of all Americans are protected.

  • We call for policymakers to take xenophobic and racist threats seriously by publicly condemning hate acts and take action to dismantle systemic racism.
  • We ask everyone to refrain from using ethnicity and race to describe the virus. These practices perpetuate the racist association between the disease and Asian communities and have the potential to both, directly and indirectly, incite hostility and violence toward our communities.
  • We urge the media to discontinue the use of photographs depicting people of Asian descent in COVID-19 coverage and seek out the voice of the Asian community.
  • We encourage the public to report hate incidents. Many hate crimes go unreported by victims, which hinders the ability to appropriately track and address them.

Pardeep Singh Kaleka

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The shepherd for the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee is Pat Rierson.