From the Board of Trustees: 

Some things will remain the same for the time being, but some things will start to feel more like they used to feel. However, we have a smaller staff, and this is your congregation. Please keep in mind, families have been largely isolated in covid. Currently, we don’t have a way to address that. Please remember our friends under the age of five cannot get vaccines to protect them.

As more people are getting vaccinated and resuming activities they did before the pandemic, parents and caregivers are making hard decisions on how to protect their families. Not everyone is able to get vaccinated, so you may be confused about how to keep your family safe, especially if your family has vaccinated and unvaccinated members. Please check the CDC for guidance. If we as a congregation can hold space for you during this time, please let us know.

Here is the latest list of relaxed Covid protocols: 

  1. We strongly recommend anyone who is feeling sick or is unvaccinated participate in services and meetings online. Not everything we do for small groups has an online option, but worship services and major meetings have that accessibility.
  2. Full vaccination is required for all staff and volunteers.
  3. We highly recommend – all staff and volunteers working at the church be vaccinated and boosted according to CDC recommendations. As new boosters are available, we encourage you to follow the guidelines.
  4. Sign-in is no longer required, but please notify UUCW if you become Positive for Covid within two days of attending service or a meeting.
  5. We have increased Sanctuary seating capacity, but please keep an open seat between groups, and remain masked in the sanctuary.
  6. Masks are optional for meetings and gatherings. Masks are NOT required outdoors.
  7. Worship associates and service leaders may unmask when speaking or singing.
  8. Our Congregation may only sing while masked.
  9. Hugs and handshakes are okay. Fist and elbow bumps remain cool!
  10. Coffee hour will restart on April 17th and Coffee Coordinator Shawn Kalloway is getting ready to organize the Coffee Team. Please volunteer once the sign-up is available. Thank you, Shawn, for your leadership.
  11. RE families can view the service upstairs in the Community Room. Please keep in mind many of our young friends CAN NOT get vaccinated yet. So please keep this space safe. We are only eating and drinking in the Community Room after Sunday services. Please do not eat during service in the Community Room. Our families are watching service there until they go downstairs after Worship for All Ages.
  12. No nursery care during services- yet.
  13. After-service tabling in the Community Room is slowly beginning. There is limited space available at this time. The seating area in the Community Room will remain during coffee hour because it keeps our space accessible for everyone. Some may want to sit during coffee hour. Staff is not available to set the space up and take it down.
  14. The overhead fan in the Sanctuary will remain on for circulation.
  15. Small groups are welcome. Groups may also have snacks during their meetings. As always, reserve your physical and online meeting spaces with Vicki Banville, Church Administrator.