Each year about this time the Nominating Committee begins seeking a slate of candidates for the board, nominating committee and endowment committee, to be installed the following June at the annual business meeting. This year we are seeking 3 for the board for 3-year terms, 3 for the nominating committee for 2-year terms and 2 for the endowment committee for 3-year terms, to replace those who will be leaving their positions.

These are opportunities to serve our UU congregation, make new friends and use your leadership skills.

We will have a table set up in the community room on Jan. 13th and Jan. 20th between services and after second service with descriptions of each position. Nominating Committee members will be present to answer your questions. We would also love to hear your ideas on others you think might be good candidates. Please visit our table in the Community Room after services in December.

For more information, contact Susan Endes, Nominating Committee Chair.