Can you help fellow members become familiar with Realm, the Enews, our Website, Local Live?

If you’re reading this entry from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone……you qualify, you’re hired and you’ll be paid with something that is priceless… your congregational friends’ GRATITUDE!! 

Our church has had to find new ways to safely communicate, present services, and have small group meetings. This is how we stay connected. Learning how to use these new technologies can be challenging.  We want to offer help to anyone who wants a little guidance on the basics of using our church technology so they can stay connected. What kind of help are we talking about? Things like: how to use zoom, where is the E-news & how to effectively browse through it, what is Realm and how to use it, where is our website and how do I connect with Local Live to see our services online? 

What is this group of helpers called? Too soon to tell. And remember… if you know how to use email and zoom you qualify!! To become one of these helping hands contact Vicki Banville in the church office.