The Rev. Suzelle Lynch and the EarthSpirit Team

The Rev. Suzelle Lynch and the EarthSpirit Team

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Samhain: An EarthSpirit Ritual of Remembrance

UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160)

Unitarian Universalists find food for mind and soul in many different sources of religious wisdom — one of them is the sacred cycle of life, death and regeneration honored in earth-centered religious traditions (sometimes called pagan or Wiccan traditions.) Today [...]

Blossoming Beltane!

FACEBOOK LIVE , United States

The crossing from April to May in our region is a time to see what’s blooming in our lives and to ensure that the soil in our gardens is fertile and good for the growing season. The earth-centered holiday of [...]

Samhain: Honoring the Ancestors with Deep Listening and Love

FACEBOOK LIVE , United States

Samhain was the ancient Celtic New Year -- a time in the Wheel of the Year for final harvest, and preparation for the coming cold and darkness. The veil between worlds became thin at Samhain, offering increased communication with ancestors, [...]

Winter’s Stillness, Winter’s Hope – A Solstice Ritual

FACEBOOK LIVE , United States

Join Rev. Suzelle Lynch and the EarthSpirit Team for an online winter solstice ritual to remember. With stories, dance, songs, and our energy, we will bring back the Sun! Watch for your “Solstice Ritual Kit” in postal mail in early [...]

EarthSpirit Summer Solstice – “Find Your Fire”

FACEBOOK LIVE , United States

In both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the June Solstice is a time for Fire Energy and joyful attention to the sun and earth deities.  We add elements from the culture of the Andes and Roman times to our earth-based [...]

Samhain: Ritual, Relationship and Remembering

UUCW 13001 W North Ave, Brookfield, WI, United States

Samhain (pronounced SOW-en and also known as Hallowe’en) is a celebration of the final fall harvest, and is the ancient Celtic New Year. At Samhain, it was said that the “veil between the worlds” grew thin, and that the spirits [...]

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