A message from Rev. Suzelle

Dear ones – The UUCW staff and I researched all the local, state, and religious-organization-specific guidance around holding meetings during the pandemic.  We turned over in our minds and in extensive discussion all the pros and cons of allowing outdoor meetings at UUCW.

The conclusion:  NOT YET.  We are not yet opening up UUCW’s outdoor areas to meetings for committees, teams, or groups.

Why?  The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over.  There’s been a spike in cases since the “re-opening” of suburban counties in WI (and other places).  The science tells us outdoor-and-well-ventilated spaces are “safer.”  But when we are talking about a deadly virus that has claimed 106,000 lives already in the U.S., “safer” isn’t good enough.  And, practically speaking, people meeting outdoors need access to restrooms, and UUCW is not staffed to ensure restrooms uncontaminated by the virus.  But most of all – We have a spiritual and moral obligation to protect all of you as well as we can. 

The decision to keep the grounds as well as the building at UUCW closed will be re-evaluated on a monthly basis.

Please know that we love you – and we love being in community with you.  Keep up the virtual gatherings, the phone calls, the notes of caring you send one another.  And, as always, I hope you’ll stay in touch with me, too.



If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Suzelle Lynch.