We began our concentrated work on Peace when the 2003 Iraq War began. Our Social Action Council’s Global Justice and Peace Task Force conducts activities to help us create peace on the personal, local, national and global levels, including learning, witness and service opportunities.

In November 2010, after seven solid years of peace work, the Unitarian Universalist Peace Ministry Network named Unitarian Universalist Church West as the first official Peace Advocacy Congregation. The Peace Pledge below was approved by our congregation at its 2010 Annual Meeting.

UUCW Peace Pledge

“As a reflection of our core values, we the members of Unitarian Universalist Church West will strive to build a culture of peace and justice within ourselves, our families, church, neighborhoods, nation and the global community.

Inner Peacemaking — We pledge to provide a safe place for individuals to come to peace within themselves, thereby gaining the freedom to act with love and compassion towards others.

Inter-Personal Peacemaking — We pledge to provide opportunities to learn and practice respectful and non-violent approaches to conflict resolution within our families, congregation, and community.

Societal Peacemaking — We pledge to address obstacles to peace in society by challenging practices that create violence and oppression.  We will work with other organizations and government to address inequities and treat all with dignity and respect.

Global Peacemaking — We pledge, as members of the world-wide community, to work to prevent war and genocide.  We call on world leaders to promote the rule of international law that supports peaceful, long-term solutions to international conflicts.  We will support organizations that provide comfort and security to those whose lives have been disrupted by war.

We, the members of Unitarian Universalist Church West, covenant to practice peace at all levels of human interaction.