A message from Dave Cicero, Director of Lifespan Religious Education 

Dear UUCW Families,

I have a series of photographs I’ve taken over the years that I call, “Nature Always Wins.” They remind me that no matter what people might do to prevent the forces of Nature from affecting them, in the end, those actions are futile.

As COVID infection rates came down over the summer while vaccination rates rose, it looked like we could soon claim, “Victory!” and go back to “normal” RE activities in the Fall. We’ve learned over the past month or so that Nature wasn’t through. Wisconsin may be seeing the leading edge of another big wave. So, please “stay tuned” for updates on what RE will look like.

And please register for RE! Doing so will not commit your family to anything you are not comfortable with. The process includes questions that will help us understand the conditions you’ll need in place before taking part…and how we should plan and prepare.

We will remain flexible and resilient. “Outdoors” and “online” may continue to describe much of the RE we can safely offer — not forever, but for a while. And remember: the primary focus of RE is not reinforcing academic standards, but building community. As always, we look forward to your involvement in that.


Dave Cicero, DLRE