Embracing Each Other-Embracing Our Future

To sweeten the pledge drive process this year, we’re offering Five Fabulous Pledge Prizes that support local Black-owned businesses.  Everyone who pledges by March 5th will be entered into the drawing and winners will be drawn on March 6 during the Embracing Pledge Drive Celebration.

Increase your chances of winning:

Pledge by 2/13 = 4 extra chances

Pledge by 2/20 = 3 extra chances

Pledge by 2/27 = 2 extra chances


Register for Online Pledge Celebration by 2/24 = 2 extra chances

Register by 3/5 = 1 extra chance

Submit your “Pandemic Journal” Story = 1 extra chance

Submit a photo with your “Pandemic Journal” story = 1 extra chance

Pick up Your Own Snack Pack at UUCW = 2 extra chances