Love: the final frontier. . . These are the voyages of the joyful community UUCW. A new era is upon us. Our continuing mission: to explore the power of love that calls us to live with compassion, inclusion, and justice; to seek out new life meanings and energies, a new minister, and new possibilities in all that lies beyond us; to boldly go where we have never gone before!

Indeed, a new era is upon us! In the next few months, we will settle a new minister and boldly enter a new, as yet unknown chapter in UUCW’s story. We are activating new possibilities for our church — for who we are and what we want to become. Our mission compels us to live into UU values within the beloved community we hold dear, committed to spiritual growth, inclusion, and justice. Grounded in love and joy abundant!
How do we go boldly forth where we have never gone before? With YOU! To make our bold “mission possible,” we call on love and generosity in this time of pledging your financial gift for the coming year to UUCW, our spiritual home. Because you are an important part of this community, your participation in this relationship matters. We are the church, and this is something we can only do together!

Attend an Informational Meeting

The budget is the foundation for actualizing all that we can be together, which can only become real by all of us working together to increase pledge income. Every year we review what is needed to support the true costs of operating, while also justly compensating our excellent staff and continuing to spread the light of this liberal faith. If you are interested in learning more about UUCW’s financial well-being or have questions about the budget, you are invited to attend  an online meeting on March 27 at 7 pm. Watch our weekly e-news for the Zoom link.

As we face our new frontier of building and sustaining a fully inclusive and joyful spiritual community, we ask that you let your heart guide you and give as generously as you can. We know that by working together we will make our “mission possible”!

Giving is a Spiritual Practice
All UUA congregations are independently funded by YOU – our members and friends. We aim to build this community for you to thrive, grow, learn, be inspired, and be accompanied pastorally throughout your life. Giving is a spiritual practice of generosity and abundance, and there are many ways to give. Your presence and participation are the best gifts of all. We ask that your heart guide you, and to give as generously as you can. With your gift, we aim to support the true costs of operating, while also justly compensating our excellent employees and continuing to spread the light of this liberal faith. For it is true that our budget is the foundation for actualizing all that we can be together, which can only become real by increasing UUCW’s pledge income. This is our church, and this is something we can do together!

How much should I pledge? Here is a Fair Share Pledge Guide.

Here is additional UUCW Pledge Drive information.


All Are Welcome Into Covenant 

Joining and ongoing pledging to this congregation means making a commitment to being part of a community that is grounded in the long history of Unitarian Universalism. It is also an affirmation of principles such as universal human dignity, justice and compassion in human relations, and respect for the interdependent web of which we all are a part, as a foundation for every individual’s ongoing search for truth and meaning.

This covenanted community will accompany each other on life’s journey by making promises to one another through our covenant about how we hope to live into our Unitarian Universalist Principles. It doesn’t mean we get it right all the time, frequently we don’t but the beauty of covenant is that we keep calling one another back into loving community.

Why Pledge? Can’t I Just Give When I Can?
At UUCW, we know that it’s the people who make the community; money simply helps provide the enduring ‘container’ that holds us. Yet what a conundrum this is: It takes people to make a community, but it takes money to be able to bring the community together and address our needs, spiritual yearnings, and visions as caring, moral people. Pledging our financial commitment is how we bring into being your world as we dream it to be. You help us face the conundrum together, that we may build and sustain a full inclusive (and joyful!) spiritual community.

Pledges create stability for the congregant and goals for our community. We love this church. We hear your dreams. We always accept donations and you can always change your pledge amount up or down. We cannot make a budget without knowing what funds will be available. The pledge drive tells us how far we can go to sustain UUCW, including whether we need to cut programs or staff and minister availability. Our goal is to be here for you and generations of Unitarian Universalists to come. We seek to share goals with you as you make decisions about your finances, estates, and commitment to Unitarian Universalist values.

Pledging Makes the Community Thrive
A financial pledge to the stewardship campaign budget is part of your annual commitment to this community. No one is denied participation who commits to our shared covenant. A pledge of any size that is meaningful to you is welcome. If you need a waiver for your pledge, this year due to financial hardship, fill out a pledge form indicating this need. Questions? Talk to please talk to the Rev. Julie Stoneberg, Vicki BanvilleChurch Administrator, or Leslie Peterson, Church Treasurer. You can also change your pledge at any time if your financial situation changes. We use your pledge amount to make our budget and that is how we determine what dreams and commitments the congregation can fulfill each year.