“Dinner for Two” Raffle, Unitarian Universalist Church West

  1. Start right away! Ask “Did you get your raffle ticket yet?  It’s for Dinner for Two Anywhere in the World!”
  2. Know your audience – Emphasize that the raffle involves something you know they’d be drawn to support.
  • Emphasize that the raffle helps support social justice: “your ticket will help fight racism, build peace, and feed homeless people…”
  • Tell people that it’s only $20 to play!
  • Emphasize that it is supporting an open-minded spiritual community.
  • Highlight the prize – A trip anywhere in the world!
  • Emphasize their amazing chance at winning. 1/2500 if we sell all of the tickets. Great odds!
  • Tell family and friends that UUCW means a lot to you and you really need their support.
  1. Take Raffle Tickets to an event A family event or office party is a great place to take tickets to sell. Though tickets cannot be sold online, consider letting friends know in advance via e-mail, Instagram or Facebook that you’ll have tickets at the party!
  2. Use social media to let friends know you have Raffle Tickets to sell. Tickets cannot be mailed, so be sure to let people know where to meet you to get their tickets – or offer to bring tickets to them!   Share raffle posts from the UUCW facebook page: www.facebook.com/uuchurchwest to your facebook profile.
  3. Email is a great way to tell people about the raffle! Ask all your people to meet you for coffee and a raffle ticket, or invite them to UUCW to enjoy the Holiday Music Service on 12/15 and get a ticket or two!

For Important Information for Raffle Ticket Sellers

For 10 People to Buy a Raffle Ticket For.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Raffle questions? Contact Church Administrator Vicki Banville.