Contributors to a Religious Education/Exploration program find that the “work” actually becomes a fulfilling “spiritual practice”. Another benefit is the satisfaction of helping provide a path to participants’ own personal growth and learning. 

Right now, I am forming the core of the 2021-2022 RE Council. This document describes the various roles and responsibilities, along with the anticipated commitment for each. RE Council members work with each other, me (Director of Lifespan Religious Education), and volunteers in their respective workgroups to achieve their goals. 

Parents and caregivers of children typically make up much of the volunteer corps for the RE program. But many older congregation members, too, find that working with children, youth, and other adults provides a valuable connection to the vital spirit of our congregation. 

Whether you enjoy working directly with participants, prefer to complete specific projects on your own, or gain satisfaction from envisioning and shaping “the big picture”, please contact me to be part of this team. Together, we can build a road to shared experience, knowledge, and understanding. 

Dave Cicero, DLRE