A message from Dave Cicero, Lifespan Director of Religious Education

What an exciting start to the church year. I’ve heard from you, the congregation and visitors, how “bustling” everything seems… building construction in full gear, a full sanctuary, full classrooms, and a full schedule of events and activities. One thing’s for sure: UU’s keep busy! This time of year, I usually need to remind myself (and encourage you to do the same) to…

Check in!

Ask yourself (and each other): What’s on your plate?
Enough “stuff,” but with some things that you find just “filling,” rather than “tasty?” Consider substituting with activities that nourish you. And if you’re not sure what those might be, perhaps it’s time to do some “taste-testing,” to explore… there are many opportunities here at UUCW. Any of us on staff can help you find something healthy, yet satisfying.

Is it too full? Maybe you can share some of it. Find someone to “split your plate.” (“Expectations” portions are so out of control these days!) Be realistic with your own time and energy. Prioritize, and take time to appreciate what you are able to do.

Maybe you’re finding your plate a bit empty? What would best nourish you? Suggest (or offer) a topic to explore in an adult RE class. Ask the person next to you how they’re staying connected to our community — or reaching out into the broader world — and ask to join in. Or, perhaps… dedicate a Sunday morning every month or so, to share your curiosity and enthusiasm for our UU faith with a group of young ones in children’s RE. (Positions are still available on teaching teams, and planning has already begun for the calendar year 2020.)

I’m learning very quickly how big the “menu” is here at UUCW, and how many ideas people have that could still be put into place. I invite you to share with me what you find fulfilling about UUCW, and what you dream of as “still possible.” And, especially, please contact me if children’s or adult RE is an area in which you’d like to contribute.

Child Dedication
If you have recently introduced a new child to the world… or would like to introduce a child (of any age, really) to our UUCW community… please plan to be part of our Child Dedication ceremony, to be held Sunday, November 10.  Rev. Suzelle and I will need to know of your interest by the end of October, to plan accordingly. For more details, click here.

RE Registration
The best way to make sure you and your family are receiving the most up-to-date information about RE (Religious Education) is to register your kiddos in their RE classes. If your child has attended a class this year, it’s likely that they have already been added to their class list. BUT… only you know the answers to some particular questions that we ask, to best provide for them. If you haven’t done so already this year, please visit the church’s Realm database (Vicki Banville can provide directions for “signing in”) to make sure we have the most accurate information about your child. Click here for class registration. Let me know if you have trouble navigating it, so I can help.