The Annual Trustee Awards are given to members who took action exhibiting excellence, initiative, and commitment or who enhanced the life of the congregation or who represented our congregation in the community in a manner that had definable results or outcomes. This year’s recipients are the following:

Laurie Boddie
As a recent president of The Board of Trustees, Laurie fully engaged in the process of leading and guiding the Board through a very challenging time which included issues with the East Property, the reality of the Covid Pandemic shut down, Anti-Racism and the early stages of our Reverend Transitions. Laurie led the Board in finding ways to keep the UUCW community connected. During this time, she coordinated information-gathering interviews with the staff, conducted listening sessions with the church community and always led with integrity. Laurie always steps up to the plate and offers valuable insights and structural guidance.

Karen Zimmerman
Karen has continued to lead our congregation’s efforts in promoting our Sixth and Eighth Principles. She chairs our Earth Ministry Committee which works to support environmental initiatives in our community and educate our congregation members on environmental practices. She leads our Anti-Racism Transformation Team, keeping members apprised of opportunities to advance Eighth Principle objectives, including partnership initiatives with local organizations. Karen also supported a variety of social justice activities, including UU The Vote to Democracy, fair housing, anti-gun violence, and the Wauwatosa Food Pantry Program.

The ROC Team: John Meurer, Stephanie Wahlen, Kal Larson, Kathy Boerner and Scott Kopischke
When the Pandemic began, the ROC-19 formed out of urgent necessity. John, Stephanie, Kal, Kathy and Scott stepped into what we thought would be a several-month position. For the past three years, they have monitored the progression of the Covid virus, providing weekly to bi-monthly reports, guidance, and information. They have balanced the health of the community with the spiritual needs of our congregation. They worked tirelessly to keep us safe.

The Long Term Service Award goes to one individual who has exhibited commitment over time to a service or project or contributed to multiple activities or projects. This year’s recipient is awarded to a couple:

Eileen Gleeson & Jim Fischer
Although this award has always been given to one individual, Eileen and Jim have worked together for over twenty years to promote, coordinate and serve meals for the unhoused people who reside at the Guest House Shelter in Milwaukee. The longevity of their service and devotion to the men who visit the Guest House is unparalleled in our congregation. The two of them have truly walked the talk of Unitarian Universalism’s First Principle which uplifts the dignity and value of every person. They have also been involved and leaders in RE Programs, Nicaragua Brigades, Choir, and the list goes on.