The Annual Trustee Awards are given to members who took action exhibiting excellence, initiative, and commitment or who enhanced the life of the congregation or who represented our congregation in the community in a manner that had definable results or outcomes. This year’s recipients are the following:

Anne Deahl
In recognition of her exemplary leadership of the Membership Committee and the Engagement Team. She revitalized UUCW’s Orientation sessions, and reinstated the Newcomer Table, fostering a strong sense of belonging. Her calm, welcoming demeanor and boundless energy have significantly enriched our church community.

Pam Beattie
In recognition of her outstanding commitment to UUCW while serving on the Board of Trustees over four consecutive years, including her role in spearheading the Annual Service Awards. Her dedication and readiness to assist at critical moments during our church’s transitional period significantly contributed to our successful outcomes.

The Transition Team: Phil Kroner, Eddie Daniel, Anne Deahl, Carolou Nelsen, Karen Engelking, and Darthe Jennings
In recognition of their invaluable contribution to the Ministerial Transition Team. Their dedication during the interim period with Rev. Julie Stoneberg was instrumental in UUCW’s progress. The Transition Team’s compassionate listening fostered honest conversations, resulting in a beautiful new mission statement that inspires the entire community.

The Long Term Service Award goes to one individual who has exhibited commitment over time to a service or project or contributed to multiple activities or projects.

Ellen Newbauer
In recognition of her dedication as the organizer of UUCW’s monthly food pantry collections. Since 2010, Ellen has exemplified compassionate service, ensuring that the needs of our community were met with joy and diligence. Her role as a member of the Social Action Council has inspired many.