The Religious Education (RE) Council, in collaboration with the Director of Lifespan Religious Education (DLRE) and the Minister, helps maintain a high-quality RE Program for all ages that upholds the values of Unitarian Universalism, in harmony with the goals, policies and procedures for Unitarian Universalist Church West (UUCW). Members develop vision and mission, assess and propose curricula/programs, and co-coordinate outreach opportunities. There are various positions within the Council, each nurturing a particular area of RE. Members collaborate closely with the DLRE for mutual guidance, support and feedback. 

 Chairs and core Council Members 
The core Council meets approximately four times per year (or as needed) to report on their areas and to collaborate in the ongoing processes of operating, monitoring and evaluating UUCW’s RE Program. The core Council creates, with the DLRE and other Council members, program goals and articulates the vision for religious education at UUCW. Members set priorities and provide coordination for working groups in their area, and communicate with related committee/group leaders within the church. Specific other responsibilities are assumed as follows: 

“Children’s RE” Chair
– Schedule, and occasionally serve as one of, the “Sunday RE Greeters”.
– Help decide which curricula to offer to which grade levels and combination of students.
– Help evaluate and review curricula for appropriateness and effectiveness.

“Youth” Chair 
– Coordinate, with middle- and high-school Youth Advisors, regular opportunities for youth to connect with their peers, develop leadership skills, and serve the congregation at large.
– Schedule, and (if desired) serve as one of, the “Youth Advisors”. 

“Adult RE” Chair 
– Help decide what programs to offer to adult congregation Members and guests.
– Assist with decisions about program structure and scheduling.
– Help recruit teacher/facilitators and (if desired) teach/facilitate programs of interest. 

Multigenerational/Special Event Chair – Coordinate and plan, with DLRE and other Chairs, family and intergenerational worship and learning opportunities within and outside of the Sunday school experience. 

Social Action Opportunity Coordinator – Assist with engaging the various grade levels and classes in social action and outreach projects as appropriate and needed. 

Volunteers are also needed for work groups attending to ongoing programs/projects or special events. The following meet in person, online, by phone, or via email as needed: 

Sunday RE GreetersWelcome visitors, “check in” registered students, confirm class groupings, assist students to class (10+ Sundays/year: 9:45 – 10:20am) 

Classroom Teacher/Facilitators – Although welcomed, classroom teachers typically do not attend the council meetings. Instead, they work, with partners, to  

  • create a sacred space for worship and religious learning with our elementary-aged children following plans developed or chosen by the DLRE and the RE Council. (Your choice of age range; 8-10 Sundays/year; online: 9-9:40am; in-person: 10-11:20am) 
  • teach “Special Topic” classes (eg: “Coming of Age”, “Neighboring Faiths”, “Our Whole Lives”, etc.) to junior high, high school and/or adult students (6+ Sundays/year: 12:45-2pm, or days/time TBD) 

YRUU Advisors – Meet with the junior and/or high school youth group/s to facilitate connection and fellowship, develop leadership skills, and serve the congregation at large. (Your choice of age range; 8-10 Sundays/year: 10 – 11:20am (MS); 11:30am-12:30pm (HS); and/or other times/days for special events) 

Multigenerational Special Events – Prepare and co-facilitate family/multigenerational learning, fellowship and worship opportunities within and outside of the “Sunday school” experience. (2-4 Sundays/year: 9:30-11:15am, or days/time TBD) 

For volunteers working for any length of time with children and youth, an application and interview with the DLRE is required. Also, to help insure a safe environment for all, the DLRE will run background checks and train all adult teacher/facilitators in “best teaching practices” and safe-congregation protocols. For more information, contact Dave Cicero, DLRE.