From Kristin Fewel: 

When I look back over all the years I taught RE at UUCW, I think about how fun it was to get to know all the students who came through my class. As I see many of them as adults, I relish the time I got to know them at one point in their lives.
Second, knowing them gave me a chance to know their parents and siblings who came to collect them after class. And third, I got to know so many great co-teachers that I never would have known in our church.

Adding to the parent-volunteer staff connects you with active families and makes the Religious Education program at UUCW stable and predictable – something we all are longing for. The number one objective is to create a welcoming spiritual “home” for everyone involved. 

If you enjoy helping others wonder and explore and share what they’re discovering, please consider helping out one Sunday morning a month. RE teachers work in pairs, and training/orientation is provided. 

To express your interest or learn more, please contact Dave Cicero, DLRE.  

Continuing to look forward, with gratitude,
Dave Cicero, DLRE