A message from Tom Levi, Ministerial Search Team Chair

On behalf of your Ministerial Search Team, we want to thank you for the trust and responsibility you have charged us with to perform this important task, which is made more challenging this year because the number of searching congregations is greater than the number of searching Ministers to fill those positions.   

Time is of the essence! Our search team must finish and submit its application package to the UUA by November 15th. The search opens to the entire group of searching ministers on December 2nd, and we will have names of potential candidates by early January. The congregation will be voting on the final candidate in late April/early May at the end of candidating week which starts with the selected candidate leading a Sunday service, meeting with various members of the congregation during the week, and leading a 2nd Sunday service, followed by a congregational vote. Most ministers will accept a call with 90-95% of those voting in favor of calling the minister. 

There are 4 things you, the congregation, can do RIGHT NOW to participate in the search process and provide information that will inform the search and the candidate selection:

 1)  Take the New Minister Survey before October 15th.   You can also access the survey through the e-news, on the UUCW website, or by stopping at the Ministerial Search Table in the community room to pick up a paper copy or use the QR code.

2)  Attend one of the Cottage Meetings here at church.  These meetings focus on different questions than the New Minister Survey,  and provide important additional information about the kind of minister UUCW needs through small group conversations.   

The meetings are on Sunday, Oct. 15th online via Zoom, after our service on Sunday, Oct. 22nd, and following a potluck dinner at church on October 20th. You can sign up HERE or use the QR code at our search team table.  

3)  Attend the Beyond Categorical Thinking Breaking Barriers / Building Beliefs workshop scheduled for October 13th from 6:00 to 7:45 PM and Saturday, Oct. 14th, from 10:30 AM to 12:45 PM. This free UUA workshop is a required part of the search process that is paid out of our search team’s budget and supports UUCW’s commitment to the 8th Principle.  The program focuses on breaking old cultural habits and rebuilding belief in the power of Beloved Community by examining issues related to gender identity, ethnicity, mental health, class, age, size, etc.  We hope that as many of you as possible attend this training either in person or via the virtual option.  You can also register for the Workshop HERE, the link in the e-news, or by stopping at the search table after the service. 

4) Even if you cannot attend the B4 workshop next weekend, please complete the “Breaking Barriers, Building Beliefs” survey, or via QR code at the search table –  it takes only 5 minutes to complete and provides important information that isn’t included in the new minister survey. 

If you have any questions, want to talk about anything regarding the search process, or need help signing up for the survey, a Cottage Meeting, or the B4 workshop and survey, we will be out in the Community Room after services. We will see you there!

Thank you for your support,

Tom Levi

If you have any questions about the Ministerial Search, email the Team at search@uucw.org