There are no words to describe the depth of my gratitude for having been able to minister with y’all during these transition years at UU Church West. I came to you without interim ministry credentials, and you welcomed me, and taught me, and did the work alongside me. And although you had some ‘trust issues’ to deal with, you wholeheartedly gave me your trust and confidence, which is probably the greatest gift a congregation can give their minister. Thank you. Thank you.

This time of ending is bittersweet…and emotional. I’ll not get through my last days with you without a lot of tears. They will be tears of sadness and loss of course, but also tears full of blessing because I know I wouldn’t feel this way if our time together hadn’t been so sweet. You have treated me so very well. You are kind and generous and loving folk.

I know this parting hurts many of you as it does me…I’m sorry for that. Yet it is only natural that this ministry ends so that you can move forward into all the WONDERFUL that is yet to be for UUCW. There is SO MUCH wonderful ahead of you. I know that in my very bones.

I’ve told you many times that my ‘only’ sermon is about community. I hope you will remember that one sermon. In the words of Robert Fulghum “Play fair, share everything, don’t hit people, put things back where you found them, clean up your own mess, don’t take things that aren’t yours and say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.” Above all, stick together and hold hands when you cross the street.

It’s as simple as that. Everything is better when you do it together, with love.

Ministering with you has been a great joy. I feel so very blessed. May you be likewise blessed in all the days and years ahead.

I love you,