Greetings dear ones:

Ministry Days was wonderful! I learned a lot. I took tons of notes. I’ve drawn a lot in the conference to meditate on all I’m taking in. Food choices are very limited and expensive around the conference. Covid and it’s impact is seen everywhere. The hugs from all my colleagues have been great.

Today, I see author Adrienne Maree Brown. You have heard me quote her in many sermons on Emergent Strategy.

Later I’m honored in the Service of the Living Tradition at 6 pm CT

Many are pertinent to ministers only. One amazing lecture you CAN watch is the Berry Street Address. I recommend you checking out what Reverend Mykal Slack shared around covenant and antiracism. It has me thinking.

Later on it will be edited and available on the Berry Street essay page. It always speaks to what is very relevant in Unitarian Universalism and speaks to events in our congregations we need to work on. It’s relevant to us.

Rev. Mykal Slack delivers the 2022 Berry Street Essay:

See you next week.