Dear Fellow UUCW Members and Friends,

In our last message to you, the congregation, we asked those of you who had previously served on the Board of Trustees to consider serving again. We are thankful to all who considered it and especially thankful to those enthusiastic people who have agreed to serve. This time, we are writing to you not only as the Nominating Committee but as members of our beloved community who are working to help UUCW regroup following the Covid-19 pandemic and the announcement of Rev. Suzelle’s retirement. As we continue our work, and we are still looking for a couple of people to serve on Nominating Committee, we cannot help but notice the focus of Rev. Cawley’s sermons.



Emergent Strategies for Leadership.    (Can you lead?)
Love as a Verb.                                             (Can you take an action?)
Together for Joy.                                          (We will face the future together)
Pathetic Spiritual Practice.                      (When you improve yourself, you improve the whole)
Murmuration for Collaboration.            (A few joining together can create something beautiful)
Emergent Love                                             (We are rising out of a Covid-19 hole, we need each other)

We hear the call to regroup UUCW after the disconnect of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We see the need to form again, to rise together.  We observe the need to regroup UUCW to lead our community towards our values.  It will take all of us doing our part.  It will take all of us doing something.  It takes around 30 people, 30 volunteers, to bring you church on Sunday:

Religious education teachers, greeters, ushers, administrative, music, education, and ministry staff, worship ministry, choir, Kaleidoscope, cantors, and yes, soon-to-be coffee servers. The umbrella committee for half of this is Membership. After Brianna Laux Kocis finished in her role as Community Builder, all of our membership committee activity stopped.

On behalf of Nominating Committee, can you look inside yourself, can you think of a way to improve yourself, can you think of a way to help UUCW on Sunday or any other day?  Can you be courageous and try something new?  Can you reach out to your 5 best UUCW pals and consider a rotating position for Sundays?

Volunteers are needed:

  • Ushers – Gather 30 minutes before service, issue Orders of Service and assist attendees
  •  A Head Usher – To organize the ushers on a rotational basis
  •  Greeters – Gather 30 minutes before the service
  • Coffee servers – Prepare and serve coffee for after-service social hour. Please contact Shawn Kalloway, Coffee Coordinator
  • RE teachers – Please connect with Dave Cicero, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
  • Cantors – A song leader who leads the congregation in hymns from the pulpit (You will receive the hymns well in advance and come to practice with Ruben Piirainen 30 minutes before the service)
  • Membership – A team of 4 to 5 people who meet once a month, help with orientation classes, help bring visitors to know UUCW and hopefully become members, lead ushers, the welcome team, and coffee servers.
  • A Membership Chairperson – Lead the team above and joins in all aspects
  • Stewardship Committee – Needs 3 additional volunteers to help run the pledge drive and other fundraising activities. Contact Leslie Peterson, Stewardship Chair

To indicate your interest in serving in any of the aforementioned roles please contact Larry Hawley. For those that might consider the Nominating Committee, we can provide more information on what serving in that capacity would entail.

Thank you for considering how you might help the community we all love.

Respectfully and with blessings,

UUCW Nominating Committee:  Jane Browne, David Feil, Larry Hawley, Eric Hoaglund, Jeanne Jarecki, and Scott Shulick.