In December, our Middle School students made a request for gift items that would be presented to at-risk youth mentored by Running Rebels of Milwaukee. The generosity was overflowing as is shown in the message  below from Running Rebels.

Dear UU West Friends:

Words can not express how grateful we are at Running Rebels for the generous gifts we received from the UUCW Giving Tree.  From the gift cards to the toys, winter gear, games, and so much more; we are amazed by the kindness you have shown to people whose names you will never know and whose faces you will never see.  This sends a clear message to the youth and families in our care that there are people in this world; strangers, who love them and care about their happiness and wellbeing.  That message was needed, and deeply felt by all who received your precious gifts.

Your Giving Tree is nothing short of “Love in Action”.  Thank you so much for selecting us as a recipient of this amazing initiative.  We also want to thank all of the organizers and shoppers, and all who gave of their time, talents and treasures to pull this Christmas miracle off.  You are all an enormous blessing.

I pray that this Holiday season has brought each of you even a fraction of the joy that you have given to us.  Thank you, All!!

With sincere gratitude,

Dawn and Victor Barnett and the Running Rebels Community Organization Family.

Co-Executive Directors
Running Rebels Community Organization