With this summer’s numerous severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings, have you wondered “Where is UUCW’s shelter?” What if there was a fire, do you know where the Assembly Points are? Do you know where the AED is and when and how to use it?

UUCW’s new Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) has the answers to these questions. The EOP addresses everything from natural disasters to medical emergencies to threats from intruders and much more. The EOP identifies church Leaders and Assistants and describes their roles and responsibilities; it contains action steps and resources to address emergency situations. The new Safety and Security Committee wants to familiarize you with our emergency response plan so that you are prepared to act during an emergency.

Education will be provided through informative bulletins, training, and drills that will be offered this summer and continuing throughout the year. Everyone needs to know how to keep themselves and those around them safe! Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate.  As meteorologists like to say when warning about severe storms “Be Prepared, not Scared!”

If you have questions, contact Rosie Kapp, Safety and Security Committee Chair.