The UUCW staff and volunteers have taken considerable steps to ensure the safety of all participants for this outdoor holiday event:

  • Attendees are asked to park their vehicles in the East Parking Lot – every third space will be available while all other spaces will be marked with an “X”
  • Host Vehicles will park in the West Parking Lot, also with empty double spaces between cars
  • Greeters will be collecting contact information at the welcome table (in case of future need for contact tracing)
  • All Hosting Vehicles will use a table or ground blanket to create a “barrier” between vehicle hosts and attendees
  • Vehicle hosts will use gloves* or wipe down treats when set out for pickup (There will be no common bowls or hand-to-hand transfer for candy)
  • All tables* once set up will be disinfected using spray+towel or wipes*)
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at multiple locations

Volunteer Greeters and signs will remind all participants:

“For the most Safety and Enjoyment, we respectfully ask you to:

  • Head home if you have a fever or feel unwell
  • Wear a cloth facemask at all times
  • Follow arrows (on the ground), and stay at least 6’ (2 “brooms”) from those not in your household unit
  • Use Witch’s Goo (hand sanitizer) often
  • Be polite – say, ‘Trick or Treat!’ and ‘Thank you!’
  • Remember the # of your Favorite Vehicle Host (theme, costume, etc.) and VOTE for them to be awarded a prize”

*avail from UUCW on request

Vehicle Host spaces are still available – sign up HERE.