UUCW members have signed the JobLines Petition, calling for a continuation of the JobLines when the initial funding ends on December 31. Unlike other WISDOM campaigns, this one has not been successful.

The JobLines resulted from a settlement with the Wisconsin and U.S. DOT, the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin (BHCW) and Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH). New bus routes (#6 and #61) of the Milwaukee County Transit System, connect workers in Milwaukee’s urban neighborhoods to a multitude of opportunities outside the city; largely the industrial parks in New Berlin and Menomonee Falls. Today, these two bus routes are a lifeline for so many in our community and are experiencing record ridership. Every day, more than 1,000 riders rely on the JobLines to get them to work with more than 150 employers throughout Waukesha and Washington Counties. But the funding ends on December 31.

UUCW members have joined SOPHIA and MICAH members in dozens of visits with county supervisors, transit directors, public works directors, chamber presidents, and city officials. However, we have been unable to move public officials to act beyond their narrow self-interest and engage in problem-solving across the 124th Street divide. Neither county will invest in continuing the JobLines.

On December 31 hundreds of workers from Milwaukee will lose their transportation to good jobs in Waukesha County, and Waukesha County employers will continue to lament the difficulty of getting workers to fill their jobs.

On October 10, MICAH will Host Candidate Forum for Senate District 5, and Assembly Districts 13, 14 and 15 at UUCW. Mark your calendar! Transportation will be one of the key issues. In the meantime, you can contact your public officials and let them know how important it is to establish a Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) which would be able to work across county lines and be able to make sure we have transit systems that benefit all of us. To download info from Regional Transportation Authorities at https://tinyurl.com/RTAinfo .

For more information contact Barbara Pfarr, a fellow UUC-W member and staff member of WISDOM, via the church office.