Our Scrap Metal Drive at UUCW netted over 1621 pounds of copper, aluminum, iron, brass and steel – keeping these valuable resources out of local landfills and earning $460 for our church operating fund! We don’t have the total poundage of textiles collected during the clothing and household linens drive that accompanied the scrap metal drive, but Church Administrator Vicki Banville and volunteer Jim Maletta drove three huge SUV-loads to Milwaukee Textile Recycling on Tuesday – the bags took up about 600 cubic feet of space.

A similar recycling drive is being planned for Spring 2022 – so start saving your stuff!  The Stewardship and Earth Ministry Teams thank everyone who donated metal or textiles, everyone who told their neighbors or shared the announcement on their personal Facebook pages or neighborhood groups, and our wonderful volunteers:  Aidyn Banville, Leslie Peterson, Lynn Kapitan, Kurt Gaetano, Rob Zimmerman, Nicole Grandstrand, Lee Carmichael, Julie Toman, Stef Bartz, and Rev. Suzelle Lynch.

More pictures on Facebook.