You may recall that our Safety and Security Task Force applied for and received a grant from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency to upgrade our building security.  We are pleased to let you know that those upgrades are underway, and some of the things you may notice when you come to church or drive along North Avenue include bright new LED lighting in the east parking lot, security lights on building changed to LED’s including an added security light installed at the northwest door that connects the Sanctuary to the outdoors and LED bollard lights along the east edge of the west parking lot.

What you probably won’t notice, but equally important are increased security features on some external, lower-level exit doors.  Many thanks to the Safety and Security Task Force and Church Administrator Vicki Banville for overseeing the installation of our enhanced security equipment.  We will keep you updated as more changes occur, and if you have questions, please contact Kurt Gaetano, Chair, Safety and Security Task Force.

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