A message from Scott Shulick, Board of Trustees President

Our October Soul Matters theme is, “We are a People of Belonging.” As I reflect on the idea of belonging, I would like to think there are many things that create a sense of belonging we share, and which keeps us connected to UUCW. And connected to each other. Belonging at UUCW is something I think about often. It’s one of the main reasons we joined UUCW — to find a spiritual place where we belong. For me, its place and purpose and people that help me feel like I belong.

Over the last few years, I have broadened my view of UUCW belonging. As a board member, and even more so as your president, I have the added responsibility of helping to ensure each one of you feel like UUCW is a place where you belong.

As I mentioned in my August article, there’s no shortage of change going on this fall. Every day we walk in, there’s something new going on with the construction. Yet in the end, we hope that our physical space creates a sense of belonging for you — whether that’s from having gender-neutral bathrooms or an easily accessible building for those that need it or from how it’s final aesthetic comes together to invite a sense of belonging.

The gift of seeing all of you on Sunday helps me feel like I belong as well. Last Sunday I arrived just as service began. By the time I got into the sanctuary, all of the hymnals and orders of service had been handed out. I took a seat near the back between two members. Very softly, very naturally and without hesitation, my neighbor shared their order of service and hymnal every time they were needed, simply by holding it between us. Sharing fuels belonging.

On September 15th, we held a congregational meeting. Its purpose was to come together to discuss the future of the East property. The sense of connection, of love, of belonging, was evident in the impassioned perspectives so many of you shared. I was really touched by all who approached me after the meeting simply to thank me for leading everyone through such an important and challenging meeting. It was my pleasure.

Thank you for helping me feel like I belong. Let me know how I can return the favor.


Questions? Contact Scott Shulick.