As the next step in our quest for a Settled Minister, we are ready to form a Ministerial Search Team.   You all know that we’ve had an interactive and joyful past few months with many nominations and comments.  The Board of Trustees thanks all the many members who participated in the vigorous nomination process. We had over 70 members nominated by the congregation to serve as team members!

After reviewing the recommendations and suggestions of the congregation, advice from UUA, and various other factors, the Board of Trustees is ready to propose the following slate for the Ministerial Search Team:  Joyce Cable, Dave Feil, Natalie Fleury, Tom Levi, Caryl Sewell, and Mark Steinberg.  Each team member brings an important and unique voice to the search process.

This is an important task because this Team will be responsible for representing UUCW to ministers looking for a settled position, interviewing and reviewing candidates, and ultimately putting forth a candidate for the congregation’s approval next year.  It’s a big job that will span an estimated 12 months of service, and we thank these members for their agreement to serve.

You’ll have a chance to vote to affirm this slate of team members at the Annual Meeting on June 4.  Jeannie Baker, of the Board of Trustees, will propose the following motion for your vote:

UUCW needs a Ministerial Search Team to help us find a settled minister during the 2023/2024 UUA hiring process.  The Board nominates the following slate of members: Joyce Cable, Dave Feil, Natalie Fleury, Tom Levi, Caryl Sewell, and Mark Steinberg, and asks members for their guidance in this matter.  A “yes” vote is a vote to accept the slate.  A “no” vote is a vote to reject the slate.

Feel free to reach out with words of encouragement because the Team needs to know that we support them in this critical work. The search for a settled minister is a complicated and lengthy process.  If you wish to participate in this process, you may volunteer for one of many jobs we’ll need help on throughout the year.  Contact the Board or a member of the Ministerial Search Team if you would like to volunteer.