On May 22, I am going to focus the worship theme of caring, to caring about abortion. If you have a story to tell me, that I could share even anonymously, please email me. I would like to include your thoughts in that upcoming service.

Know my heart is with you, holding anger, frustration, and fear regarding the SCOTUS leaked memo about banning abortion in June. When I wrote to you weeks ago about it, I knew that Planned Parenthood was organizing to figure out how they would transport thousands to other states and how the clinics in states where it is legal would survive. Many are buying up Plan B pills and figuring out how to act as this is already a reality in Texas. It will mean people die. More and more birth control will be banned. It will become harder and harder for those to deal with pregnancies where things go wrong. The most likely to die and harm themselves or others are going to be poor, Black, and brown folks. That is just a fact.

In countries where there is amazing support for income, health, childcare, and education, the number of abortions is much lower. Cutting off abortion will not end abortion. It will just end legal, safe, and more affordable abortions. My heart breaks. I accompanied a hundred through the decision-making process and the procedures when I was a chaplain at Planned Parenthood. I now know abortion as so complex, nuanced, and different from how it is ever portrayed in the press, I can hardly describe how I feel about this. I am here for you if you want to discuss your feelings.

In Kindness, RevD

For more information, please read a message from the Side With Love Team: The Fight for Abortion Access Isn’t Over