If you could tell this congregation why you love them, what would you say? How has it touched you, fed you, needed you? What has it taught you? What have you seen UUCW doing? How has this community affirmed you, loved you? When has your love for UUCW spilled out of you? How has UUCW changed the world, or changed you?

During this month of our annual pledge drive, let’s share our love! There are lots of ways to write a letter…

  •      Pick up special stationery at UUCW, or use your own
  •      Drop the letter in the large red “love letter” box at UUCW
  •      Send your love letter by email to Rev. Julie or Kelly Bognar
  •      Send it by post: 13001 W. North Ave. Brookfield, WI 53005

Please include your name and let us know how you would like it to be shared. You could:

  •      Read it at a service in March
  •      Offer for it to be shared in the e-news
  •      Allow us to post it on a bulletin board at UUCW
  •      Send it directly to particular individuals, or call them and read it to them
  •      Keep it in your heart where it can grow and spread

There are no length requirements. It could be a haiku or an essay; a bullet list or a personal story. Maybe it will be a poem or simply a heartfelt note of gratitude.

What is your love letter to UUCW?