Hand soap. It can help keep you from getting sick with hand washing. It can also cause allergies or immune issues. It could be produced in ways that negatively affect the environment.  There could be unnecessary animal testing. The company making the soap may not pay its employees an adequate salary.

Like many things, there are products that match UU values and are also safer to use. And there are others that aren’t such a good match!

Two resources that can help select safer and more socially responsible soap producers are:

Environmental Working Group (ewg.org)  This non-profit evaluates personal care products for cancer risk, allergy and immune effects, and developmental and reproductive toxicity. Look for this info in the Skin Deep section.

Better World Shopping Guide. This book is in the church library.  It evaluates companies for social responsibility based on environmental issues, human rights, animal treatment, and social justice. Many categories are evaluated, including soap.

Try out several brands that rate well in both of these resources They are in our church bathrooms now for you to check out — Dr. Bronner, Method, and Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap

Be aware fragrance, even in well-rated soaps, is often an issue. Unscented is usually better for allergies and immune systems.

If you have more questions about Earth-friendly soaps and cleaners, contact Julie Toman.