UUCW is a member of SOPHIA, a coalition of diverse faith communities in Waukesha County dedicated to building and deepening relationships within and among communities. 

A message from the SOPHIA Racial Equity Team:

As a core value of SOPHIA, we embrace policies that dismantle structural racism. Racial equity, and working towards becoming an antiracist organization, must be practiced in our daily lives.

Witnessing another act of violence this weekend against an unarmed Black father was both tragic and unwarranted. 29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times by Kenosha police officers on Sunday while his three young children witnessed from mere feet away. As we struggle with this injustice, many of us want concrete actions to aid the Blake family during this time. Here are some ways you can contribute right now:
• Donate to Jacob Blake’s GoFundMe. This fund will help with legal costs, medical bills, and support for his children.

• Send emails:
Kenosha Mayor, John Antaramian
Kenosha District Attorney, Michael D. Graveley
Kenosha Chief of Police, Daniel G. Miskinis
Wisconsin Attorney General, Josh Kaul, (608) 266-1221
• Learn more about LiberateMKE. How policing funds can be reallocated and invested into culturally appropriate community programs.
• Donate to the Milwaukee Freedom Fund. A Black and Brown led organization that is assisting protesters in Kenosha with bail.

At the root of SOPHIA is our dedication to intentional action, justice, and standing together to raise up the voices of our marginalized neighbors. As we continue through our day, let us each come together in one of the ways listed above to raise up Jacob’s voice.

In solidarity,
SOPHIA Racial Equity Team