“Welcoming Wonder”- December 4, 10 am
To choose to wonder is to choose to interrupt the expected. It requires vulnerability and a bit of courage to release our grip on the known. Yet in that process, wonder might provide the opening we need to transform our experience of the holidays. Our theme for December is Wonder, apropos for the season, and throughout the month we’ll be considering our human capacity to gaze into…(fill in the blank). Enjoy music by the Kaleidoscope Band!

Holiday Music Service “Surrounded in Wondrous Sound” – December 11, 10 am — The holidays are a time for awe and wonder — and music has the power to spark them in us — setting our hearts and minds ablaze with joy! Traditional, contemporary, and unexpected holiday songs and awe-inspiring stories and reflections will lift your spirits this morning. Featuring brass music by Kristin and Henry Busse, harp music from Carolyn Wells, choral music from our Adult and Multigenerational Choirs, and piano music from Jess Hamel and Ruben Piirainen. Invite your friends for a marvelous experience of how Unitarian Universalists celebrate the season!

EarthSpirit Winter Solstice Ritual – December 21, 7 pm – We honor the moment when the night is longest here in the northern hemisphere with darkness, drumming, stories, and a powerful earth-based ritual to “call for the sun’s return.” Bring your drums and shakers. Children who are able to enjoy a dramatic, hour-long worship experience are welcome to attend with their parents or guardians. Through ritual, storytelling, singing, silence, and reflection, our Earth Spirit worship services help us tune in to the seasons of the earth.

Christmas Eve Service: “The More We Wonder, the More We Love” – December 24, 4 pm
On this special night, we wonder at the miracle that is life and embrace our capacity to love. With carols old and new, readings light-hearted and serious, we celebrate the wonder-filled heart of Christmas and the divine spark that resides within all.

Christmas Day: “Christmas Morning” December 25, 10 am
Yawn, stretch, and then come gather in the warmth of community, maybe even in your jammies. There’ll be breakfast, glad tidings, and a special visit. This community gathering takes place at UU Church West and not offered online.

New Year’s Day: “Centering to Life” January 1, 10 am
Mark this time, for it is a holy moment we will not find again. As we place a capstone on the 2022 holiday season, we turn to open ourselves to the new year. In this service of word and ritual, we take time to find our center, in order to prepare ourselves for whatever comes next.