Hello, Spencer Harris here again!

I am happy to notify everyone in this wonderful community that I have finished my Eagle Scout project! There is now a large gateway at the end of the rear sidewalk. I hope everyone likes it! The process took some time. First, there was the prep. My father and I did some measuring and cutting and later had a few volunteers come over to sand and stain the wood. The UUCW logo and “WELCOME” were wood burned on by me; I transferred the outline onto the wood then filled it in. On the first day of building, my volunteers and I dug 3-foot deep holes using an auger and had to fill them with concrete, making sure that they were completely level. After letting that cure for a few days, I organized a day to build and assemble the top structure. I had a lot of fun building this, and I’m glad I completed it and that all of the congregation members will be able to see it!

Note: I will be installing lights on it soon, but unfortunately they have not arrived yet.