Marsha Thrall, Religious Education Coordinator

Since beginning my religious education journey with UUCW in July, I’ve been asked a lot of questions. It seems that questions are a high form of worship within UU spaces. I’ve come to deeply value the investment and interest that UUCW has towards Religious Education, and this investment shines through in all the questions that I have been asked.

The most consistent question asked is “what is RE going to look like for adults?” And I’ve had a lot of ideas, but ultimately, I’d like to answer this question with one of the other questions asked, which is “can we do an adult version of Neighboring Faiths?” And the answer to this question is “yes!”

I’m excited to announce an adults-only, five-week series that will take place during the months of April, May, and June. During this adult religious education experience, we will explore some of the world’s religions through a reading of Stephen Prothero’s bestseller “God is Not One – The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World and Why Their Differences Matter.” You can learn more about this book here.

Questioning produces hope. And I have a lot of hopes for this group, including hopes for adult “field trips” to the houses of worship that our neighbors gather in, hopes for spending more time getting to know members of UUCW, and most of all, hopes that by exploring the faith practices of our neighbors, that we, as a group, can live more fully into the sixth principle of being a Unitarian Universalist, which compels us to seek “a goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.”

I’m looking forward to questioning, learning, and hoping with you. Contact Marsha Thrall, RE Coordinator.

For details on the Neighboring Faiths for Adults Class Series