by Reverend Denise Cawley
April 10, 2021

Today, I give thanks for spring uncluttering my mind
I slosh pathways, boots muddy
For the rain on my umbrella awakens my soul
For the shores lapping up the crisp afternoon
For the feathery pines that reach back to frosty Christmas celebrations and reach forward to Maypoles
For the gorges filled with luscious chocolate loam and brown sugared Café Cubano
I pray this forest; caressing each conifer corridor I graze, scratching my raincoat

Raindrops dancing
Cherry Dogwood wiggles in the wind
Thistle curled up- dried leftovers from last season, waiting for new friends to unfurl

Raindrops drum a melodic meditation
Tapping on my umbrella and chilling my hands

Japanese pussy willows juxtapose the blue, jiggling wet bubbles
Grasses peaking, peaking out of mucky moss bogging up the meadows.

Foul squawk and sing my afternoon meditation
My prayer is to decipher the sandhill crane and the white pelican songs

My prayer is for us to find focus in fauna

Go to the woods,
Forget all about torment and find treasure
Let go of blight
Drop pretense; propose amends
Walk the ridge, record a love letter

Offer your biggest dreams to the lake and the sea
Whisper them if you must
Shout them if you are able
Send them out on the wings of the birds over the bog
Moving in murmuration over the waters

Blessed Be, May it be so and Amen,