As Unitarian Universalists, you need to know your contributions make a difference because we are making a difference in the wider world. We are starting this year’s annual pledge drive, “Together for Joy,” with an invitation to join a small-group Cottage Meeting that will be held in-person at UU Church West, in a member’s home, or on Zoom. Join member hosts in an intimate gathering to explore our history with money as well as the kind of financial support and talent we need to achieve our community’s fullest potential. We love this idea because we know the meeting will help you get to know new people, connect, and deepen relationships.

Giving is a Spiritual Practice
All UUA congregations are independently funded by you – our members and friends. We aim to build this community for you to thrive, grow, learn, be inspired, and be accompanied pastorally throughout your life. We see pledging as a spiritual practice of generosity and abundance. We ask all who participate in our church to commit to our covenant and to make a pledge that is meaningful to you.

Here is additional information about how to figure out your stewardship pledge and to see the needs of UU Church West.

PLEDGE ONLINE TODAY or download a pledge form HERE

All Are Welcome Who Covenant

Joining and ongoing pledging to this congregation means becoming a member of a community that is grounded in the long history of Unitarian Universalism. It is also an affirmation of principles such as universal human dignity, justice and compassion in human relations, and respect for the interdependent web of which we all are a part, as a foundation for every individual’s ongoing search for truth and meaning.

Being a member provides a community to accompany you by making promises to one another through our covenant about how we hope to live into our Unitarian Universalist Principles. It doesn’t mean we get it right all the time, frequently we don’t but the beauty of covenant is that we keep calling one another back into loving community.

Why Pledge? Can’t I Just Give When I Can?
Pledging your financial commitment puts your skin in the game so to speak. Sharing your treasure is how you expand your view of the world as you dream it to be. We share with one another a pursuit of developing our theology through activities, worship and acting out our faith in justice. We are a faith where covenant is not sealed – that means, we are always expanding and refining Unitarian Universalist theology and inviting you on this journey with us.

Pledges create stability for the congregant and goals for our community. We always accept donations and you can always change your pledge amount up or down. We cannot make a budget or know if we can hire an interim minister for example, without knowing what funds will be available. The pledge drive tells us if we need to cut programs or decrease staff and minister availability. Our goal is to be here for you and generations of Unitarian Universalists to come. We seek to share goals with you as you make decisions about your finances, estates, and commitment to Unitarian Universalist values.

Covenant is Aspirational & Inspirational
A commitment to our covenant – a set of promises we make about how we aspire to be in community with one another is required of all members. We are also in covenant.

Pledging Makes the Community Thrive
A financial pledge to the stewardship campaign budget is part of your annual commitment to membership. No one is denied membership who commits to our covenant. A pledge of any size that is meaningful to you is welcome. If you need a ministerial waiver for your pledge, due to financial hardship, please talk to the Rev. Denise Cawley, Vicki Banville, Church Administrator, or Leslie Peterson, Church Treasurer. You can also change your pledge at any time if your financial situation changes. We use your pledge amount to make our budget and that is how we determine what dreams and commitments the congregation can fulfill each year.