We are trying something new with summer holiday worship. Next week we will have an all-online service with folks gathering for community. You can bring your own coffee and snacks- take your mask down to take a bite or sip and then put it back on.

Why are we not having a live service?
Over the years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day weekend services have low attendance. Now that our audience is divided in person and online, we are looking at creative ways to address that and offer you something new. These will be fun laid back services where you can watch together either at home or in the sanctuary. Bring donuts, wear pjs, whatever you like. This will be time for more intimate community watching on our big TV at UUCW and those at home will have the whole service they can play as their schedule allows. Maybe you will be listening to it on the car trips?

Why Is this Memorial Day Service a Watch Party?
With pandemic exhaustion, it has become more and more challenging to get LIVE guest preachers. Virtual ones recording messages by distance are plentiful but live ones are nearly impossible. We have several options this summer for virtual services that bring us unique perspectives and more diverse ministers than we could ever have otherwise. This offers us ways to be more connected to the larger UU community too.

What about staff?
At UUCW, staff are entitled to holidays but have rarely been able to take those days off. Vicki, Kelly, Ruben, and I haven’t always taken vacation days. Everyone is needed to run the church. With church being multi-platform, live services require more tech than services in before times. These three virtual services are a way to help rest the staff a bit and give the congregation the chance to explore new connections.

As we experiment with this first Memorial Day service where the staff will all be off and we will have done the work ahead of time, please let us know how it goes. Your covenanted feedback is always welcome.