This year’s Summer RE is shaping up to be presented in three “multi-generational” thematic units. Each will include online and in-person opportunities to connect and engage – on your own, with household members or other UUCW community members – during Sunday worship, beforehand, and mid-week. Look forward to stories, games, songs, reflection, and sharing. An after-worship “Sunday Social”, with more opportunities to share what’s been learned, will conclude each “unit”.

No registration for Summer RE is necessary – information will be shared with all! Look for details in the coming weeks on how to be part of…

  • PLAY (June 6 – 27): The most powerful tool of childhood, the tool we conceive and use to make meaning of the world we are growing into. Practice remembering that we can write our own rules; we can practice using escape to restore our freedom, we can practice returning to joy.
    Sunday “Play” Social: June 27, 11:30am-1pm
  • HANDS-ON NATURE (July 1 – Aug. 1): Discover (or rediscover!) the wonder and mystery in our environment and the world of nature. Explore the web of life, the nature-spirit connection, and our Seventh UU Principle with summertime nature activities, songs, and more.
    Sunday “Nature” Social: Aug. 1, 11:30am-1pm
  • BEING UU: (Aug. 11 – Sept. 12): How did Unitarian Universalism become a thing? What does a UU identity imply? How do we live out UU values in the world? Engage and learn not history lessons but who you are as a person, and who we are as a community.
    Sunday “Being UU” Social (“Ingathering” and “Water Communion”): Sept. 12, 11:30 am-1 pm

And a look ahead:  2021-22 Religious Ed, for both children/youth and for adults, is still being designed – but will begin after Ingathering in mid-September. I’ll share more information, including volunteer opportunities and registration details, as soon as they’re ready. Please consider helping plan/design the program as an RE Council member, or helping serve as a group leader/facilitator/teacher. Orientation for teachers/facilitators will take place in August, so let me know if you can help or have questions. Thank you!

— Dave Cicero, DLRE