A  Message from Marsha Thrall, Religious Education Coordinator

Summer is here! And with summer comes a host of family activities that often take attention away from Religious Education at UUCW.

During my time here, I’ve been told that “Unitarians take the summer off.” But in Religious Education, at least as far as planning is concerned, and especially since deciding to shift to one service year-round, the summertime is jam-packed with planning and volunteer recruitment.

Since registration opened for the 2019-20 RE season, some families have registered for programming, and some teachers have come forth to renew or begin a new commitment to volunteering with Religious Education here at UUCW, and to those who have heeded the call to volunteer, know that I’m both appreciative and grateful for your commitment.

For those who are still thinking about helping in RE, know that I’m excited about your consideration, and can’t wait to hear from you! For those who just aren’t sure about where you fit into Religious Education programming, but want to know more about RE, please reach out to me; let’s spend some time together sorting out how your gifts and talents can work to strengthen Religious Education here at UUCW. Finally, if you’re just not ready to make the firm commitment to helping in RE yet, please know that we’re ready and waiting to help with any concerns and questions that you may have when the time is right. In any case, here is my email address. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Register today for Religious Education 2019-20

Religious Education would not be without the active and enthusiastic participation of the children and youth at UUCW. If you haven’t already, please go here, and take a moment to check out registration information for the 2019-20 RE season.

As we move forward with planning a meaningful season of Religious Education, especially in this time of transition, I’m reminded of UU Principle number three, which encourages us, as a community, to accept one another and encourage spiritual growth in our congregations.” Here at Unitarian Universalist Church West, Religious Education is dependent upon the families who participate. In other words, without you, we can’t do RE.

Hope to hear from you soon.