Volunteers should arrive approximately 30 minutes before the service to make the coffee, start the brewing process, and set up the community room coffee and juice tables.

WHERE TO FIND THINGS See the chart to the left to locate coffee supplies in the kitchen.

If there is no coffee in the lower cabinet, there is more coffee in the cabinet above the refrigerator – UC12-13.
Note: If there is anything you cannot locate see the map on the wall to the left of the sink called “Key to Kitchen”. Most Coffee supplies are in the lower cabinets (LC 1-4).


Regular Coffee

  1. Roll the large cart (with the 2 pots on it) right in front of the sink and use the faucet hose to fill the large coffee pot for regular coffee. Make sure the basket stem is firmly centered after you fill pot with water or it won’t perk properly.

Proportion of coffee to water for REGULAR:
100 cups water to 8 cups coffee
80 cups of water to 6 1/2 cups coffee
60 cups of water to 5 cups coffee
40 cups water to 3 1/2 cups coffee – use for Sunday service

Decaf Coffee

  1. Use the hose to fill the smaller coffee pot for decaf coffee. Make sure the basket stem is firmly centered after you fill the pot with water or it won’t perk properly.

Proportion of coffee to water for DECAF:
36 cups water to 4 cups decaf coffee
24 cups of water to 2 1/3 cups decaf coffee
18 cups of water to 1+3/4 cups decaf coffee – use for Sunday service

Take the cart into the Community Room and plug in the coffee makers. Have the spigots face the room.

COFFEE TABLE SET-UP — see set-up pictures at the end of the binder:

  1. Lift up end-flaps of the coffee table.
  2. Arrange: saucers, spoons, tea supplies, sugar, hot water, SignUpGenius instructions, & donation basket on the coffee table. (See below for details)
  3. Place signs for Regular & Decaf on the coffee pot cart. Place a few napkins under the spigots.
  4. Check dishwasher and empty, if clean dishes. Put clean cups on the Coffee Cart.
  5. Place small cart out for dirty dishes near the coffee table.

a.)  Fill a chrome and black carafe (above little sink) with hot water from the special hot water spigot on the sink.  Be sure to insert the black stem otherwise it will not pump.
b.)  Set the large basket of tea supplies on the coffee table. Restock the basket first, if supplies are low.

      a.) Fill 3 small pitchers with creamer – 2 with Half & Half – 1 with milk alternative, such as,
Soy or Almond milk located in the door panel of the refrigerator. Please date containers when opened.              

     b.) Place the pitchers of creamer in the refrigerator until coffee hour.

Apple Juice

  1. Pour apple juice into 2 wine carafes and dilute with water (approx. 3 parts juice to 1 part water). Please date containers when opened.  
  2. Put juice carafe in refrigerator until the beginning of the coffee hour.
  3. Fill a 3rd carafe with plain water and place in refrigerator.
  4. Put about 20 clean juice glasses on the low table in the community room.


  1. Leave the service a few minutes early to place refrigerated items on coffee and juice tables.
  2. During coffee hour clear cups, place them into the dish washer, wipe counter and refresh supplies as needed.
  3. Most of all, be friendly to community members!


  1. Load dirty dishes into dishwasher, add soap and run on “light” cycle.
  2. Remove coffee grounds and put them into the compost bin outside the kitchen door. Don’t get locked out!
  3. Dump out extra coffee, rinse & wipe out the coffee pots.  DO NOT USE SOAP TO CLEAN COFFEE POTS.
  4. Toss out any unused creamer.  This will prevent contamination of the original container. Pour unused juice back into the juice jug in the refrigerator.
  5. Put supplies away and wipe kitchen counters, coffee table and juice table.
  6. Put coffee donation money into an envelope from drawer.  Date, seal and place in the lockbox in the office. (This is a gray security box with a slot behind the folding door in the office on the left side of the counter).
  7. Double check that everything is put away.