Dear UUCW Members and Friends,

A year ago I had the pleasure of introducing you to Marsha Thrall, our new Religious Education Coordinator.
Marsha was hired with the charge of working with the RE Council to keep the RE program for children and youth going strong and steady for a year as we began considering the future shape of religious growth and learning for all ages at UUCW. Now that year has ended — and we have said thank you and farewell to Marsha.

Even though we knew Marsha was an interim staff member, it’s sad when someone leaves. I know you feel it, and I do too. I’m grateful for all the work Marsha did with our RE volunteers, children, families, and staff this year — so grateful for her good work at UUCW during a challenging transition. Thank you, Marsha — we will miss your smarts and kindness, her your sense of humor and insights.

I hope you will be in touch with Marsha to express your appreciation. Her message is below. You’ll find more about our ongoing Religious Education transition in future postings.

With love,


The Rev. Suzelle Lynch, Minister


Dear UUCW,

Goodbyes are difficult. When I accepted the position of Religious Education Coordinator last summer, I honestly did not know what I signed up for. But what I did know is that I felt extremely blessed to be in space that would allow for me to use my education, talents, and skills in what we, as seminarians, like to call vocation.

And this year has been a wonderful vocational experience.  I’ve been asked brilliant questions by UUCW’s children.  I’ve been embraced, encouraged and supported by parents and elders. But most important, I’ve been loved and accepted by you during a time filled with grieving the loss of a longtime, trusted Director of Religious Education.

And I will carry these beautiful things that you’ve shared with me as I venture into my next vocational experience – whatever that will be.

Thank you, UUCW, for this Religious Education experience. For you, I am grateful.



Marsha Thrall, RE Coordinator