Thanks to the generosity of former and current members of UUCW we are fortunate to have an Endowment Fund to help our congregation to grow in perpetuity and support the financial stability of the church.  Earnings from this fund have supplied a safety cushion for emergency or recurring expenses, provided enrichment opportunities that might not otherwise be available, and helped promote the eight UU principles in both the Church community and the greater community.  Now we want to take the time to recognize and thank those who have given to the fund from 2011 to May 2024.   Thank you! – Almuth Soffee (Chair), Lynn Broadus, Thayer Fisher, Pat Ginter, and Jennifer Vallier

In Memory of
Bruce Ambuel
John Bahr
Alan Ball
Donna Bevic
Lucille Bowen
Father of Mike Brown
Elaine Buhler
Oliver Carmichael-Grandstrand
Joan Deardorff
LaVerne Ferguson
Helen Freeman
Margaret Frey
Richard Gaetano
Marjorie Gluckstein
Martin Gluckstein
Nukkah Hlaban
Gerre Jarecki
Mary Lou Kurtz
Fred Lynch
David Hicks MacPherson
Elfrieda Mater
Emil Mater
Marge Maxwell
Sue Morgan
Peg Murphy
Yvonne Petersen
Dorothy Ann Phinney
Warren Phinney
Lilo Sewell
Eunice Stinchfield
Nancy Tabor
Dennis Wanless

Donated by
John Bahr
Vicki Banville
Heather Bartlett & Eric Schley
Russ Bedalov & Jan Valde
Ann & Robert Bertz
Nada Bevic
Laurie Boddie
Lucille Bowen
Family of Lucille Bowen
Kathleen Brady
Cheri & Tom Briscoe
Julie & Mike Brown
Jane & Jeff Browne
Joyce Cable
Joan Deardorff
John & Natalie den Boer
Susan Endes
Karen Engelking
Freida Ferguson
LaVerne Ferguson
Kristin & Robert Fewel
Margaret Frey
Pat Ginter & Rick Burns
Marje Gluckstein
Betsy Gomoll
Nicole Grandstrand & Lee Carmichael
Nancy Gurney
Shirley Glow
Lois Gratz
Brad Harford
Larry Hawley
Ruth Heimler
Donna Hensel
Kathy & David Herrewig
NF Horowitz
Karen Huth
Joanne Johnson
Susan Karpfinger
Pat & Jerry Kashmerick
Jackie Kincaid
Marilyn Kupka
Carolyn Lawrence
Anne Leunig
Shirley Loebel
Ken Luepke
Robert McKay
Sharon & David Middleton
Noelle Masukawa
Carolou Nelsen
Emily Nissley
Rightie Pappenheim
Yvonne Petersen
John Phinney
Warren Phinney
Scott & Rita Piper
Pat Rich
David & Pat Rierson
Carla Roden
Mary Ross
Clayton Ryder
Jan Sandretti & Robert Karski
Ann Savagian
Suzanne & Ron Schalig
David Schminke
Robert & Caryl Sewell
Debra & Jeff Stevens
Sarah & David Stokes
Gladie & Jerry Strom
Sadie & Matt Sveum
Melinda Swartz
Ann Terwilliger
Kate Walkowski
John Weigel
Rob & Karen Zimmerman