A hearty “THANK YOU” is extended to David Gross and his team for their great aerial performance on June 4th as they mounted ladders and completed the installation of the Gutter Glove screening on the west and south sides of the sanctuary.  This donation of services from Gross Property Inspection was greatly appreciated and saved UUCW hundreds of dollars for the rental of the lift the Campus Team was originally planning to rent.  Thanks also to Dennis Trinastic for his work on the lower-level gutters.  The volunteer work of our UUCW members helps the Campus Team stretch the maintenance dollars so we can get more work done on our buildings and grounds.  “Thank you to all who lend a hand on projects large and small.

Why gutter screening?  In the Fall of 2023 our property insurance carrier did a drone inspection of our roof –most likely in reaction to a recent insurance claim for the leak that damaged the Community Room ceiling. In their report, the insurer made a number of “recommendations”.  The Campus Team has prioritized these recommendations because we felt they were sensible for the maintenance of the buildings.  In addition, we wanted to ensure that the insurer would not have any grounds to drop our property insurance coverage or even use these “recommendations” as a reason for an additional increase to the property insurance premium.

With the Gutter Glove screening installed, UUCW will save several hundred dollars a year that we were paying for gutter cleaning each Fall, so we anticipate that the money saved will pay for the gutter screens in two years!

Contact Jim Maletta, Campus Committee Chair if you have any questions.