Embracing Each Other – Embracing Our Future
UUCW Pledge Drive 2021-22

We invite you to make your financial pledge for Fiscal Year 2021-22…

You may also pledge by email.
Pledge by phone to 262-782-3535 or
Members may Pledge Online

Some considerations when making your pledge:

  • Your giving matters. Money you give to UUCW funds all we do for our members and friends, but also extends our hope, inspiration, challenge, and support to a much broader circle.
  • The Pledge Goal for 2021-2022 is $430,000.00. On a per-household basis, UUCW needs each of our 220 households to pledge $1,954 each  ($163 per month).  On a per-member basis, it means a gift of $1168 from each of us ($97 per member, monthly.)
  • Your pledge amount is up to you. We invite you to commit to an amount that reflects your deepest aspirations for yourself and for UUCW.
  • It’s been a rough year. Some of our members have reached retirement age or moved away to live closer to grandchildren. Many members give more than $1168 and some give less. Ask yourself if you can give a little more to help sustain this community for those who are struggling.

UUCW is a bold, warm, justice-seeking, spiritually nourishing community of amazing adults, teens and children – Thanks for all you give!