We need every member and friend to make a pledge of financial support to keep our congregation vibrant and lively for the next year.  Member pledges and contributions fund more than 80% of the annual UUCW budget

Five Easy Ways to Make Your Pledge

  1. Complete a Pledge Form at church on any Sunday in March.
  2. Make your pledge online. Go here to login to Realm, our Church Member Database. Sign in, and then enter your pledge in the Donate section. You can also set up your one-time or recurring gift amount for Operating Budget 2020-21.
  3. Postal-mail the personalized pledge form sent to you in February to the church office (or send a mailed note with the amount you’d like to pledge) to UUCW, 13001 W. North Ave., Brookfield, WI 53005.  Or download a blank pledge form here.
  4. Call or e-mail the UUCW office with your pledge amount. Vicki Banville, Church Administrator will be happy to help you make your Pledge.
  5. If you currently use our “auto-pay” system (pledge deducted directly from your checking or savings account) let us know via phone, email, or postal mail, what pledge amount you’d like to give for the year beginning May 1.

Some important reminders…

 At a time when a hurting world needs us more than ever – your giving matters. When you give to UUCW, your money funds all we do for our members and friends, but it also extends our hope, inspiration, challenge, and support to a much broader circle.

The amount you pledge is up to you. We invite you to commit to an amount that reflects your deepest aspirations for yourself and for UUCW.  Every gift counts!  And, to meet the budget this year we ask you to increase your giving by at least 3% if possible.

Some of our longtime members have reached retirement age or moved away to live closer to grandchildren. Ask yourself:  Can I make a Generosity Leap like these founders and church-builders?

Need more information? The FACT SHEET: UU Church West Fiscal Year 2020-2021 can tell you more about UUCW is funded, and how the funds are used.

Thank you for all you do to support UU Church West. Your giving makes our congregation vibrant and lively, and helps us serve all those who need our open hearted, justice-seeking, spiritual community!