This past week, at the UUA’s General Assembly, the proposed revisions to the UUA Bylaws Article 2 were approved (with one amendment) with a vote of 80.2%!
Ask any of UUCW’s delegates (Jeannie Baker, Karen and Rob Zimmerman, Joyce Cable, and Laurie Boddie)…this year’s General Assembly was a lively, engaging, and challenging immersion into democracy in action.
In the simplest terms, this affirmative vote means that our faith will now best be described as a commitment to six values…love, equity, transformation, pluralism, generosity, interdependence and justice…with love at the center. It means that our UU congregations are intentionally covenanting to live out these values in our lives and in the world.

It also means that over the coming months and years, we’ll be engaging deeply with this new ‘statement of faith’…to use it to grow in spirit…to understand how it might inform, enhance, intertwine with, and/or replace the eight principles…to learn how to express these values in our actions and in the world…and more.
Perhaps above all, this expression of the values at the center of our faith calls on us to stretch ourselves into a deeper examination of what it means to be in right relationship with all that is…from the inner depths of ourselves out into the far reaches of the interdependent web of all existence.

We are in this together. Learning. Growing. Loving.

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